Pro-Force fanatic "Dr." E. Fuller Torrey
explains how he coerces his own sister
into taking brain-damaging drugs.

P$ychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey is founder of
the Treatment Advocacy Center. That's the #1 group
lobbying in the USA to expand the mental health
industry's unConstitutional power to force hideously
toxic drugs on innocent Americans. Because of their own
painful memories of forced treatment, many survivors of
p$ychiatry regard him as being the very embodiment of Evil.

Torrey says his own sister is schizophrenic. And (I'm not
kidding...)he blames cat poop for her alleged madness.

Torrey has long been involved in her case.
I taped Terry Gross's interview with him on
her National Public Radio show Fresh Air in 1997
and recently had the tape digitalized so we could
all hear this little gem about how he coerces his
sister into taking her "medication."


What kind of physician would use TOBACCO as an

More recently he is reported to have vowed that he
will never allow her to be released from the psych ward.

What are you afraid of, Dr. Torrey?

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